Who am I? And what are the 'I AM' Discourses?

First off... a huge hello. Before I go into my study of the I AM Discourses, I thought I'd tell you a little about me and why I'm doing this.

First off, call me Thia or T, either works. I'm an author, metaphysics student, shorter than the average person, and constantly inquisitive. I'm quiet and muse on my own most of the time. I used to self-identify as tri-gender, but I've realized that's too narrow of a classification as all labels are. I'm me, simple as that.

So what are the I AM Discourses? I found them last weekend. In 1934, Saint Germain appeared to a Mr. Ballard and gave him and a few others lessons in the power of the I AM statement.

What is the I AM Statement? Well, that's a question one could pose over for ever and ever. I learned of the importance of I AM through reading and listening to the 20th century mystic Neville Goddard. As he explained, when you use the words 'I am' you create your own life, your own reality. He called god the Human Imagination and stated that every time you used the phrase "I am" you were making a call to the universe/god. I've been using his teachings for over 6 years, but I was floundering. While I had some amazing reality changes take place - I moved a spider halfway across a room in a blink of an eye and I cured myself of cancer with one loud, demand - I felt stuck. As though I wasn't going forward or back and was running in place.

So when I came across the I AM Discourses, it kind of exploded in the brain. And it's going to take some time to truly fathom out all the amazing things this simple 33 discourse collection has in it. Because I accept that it's good to study several things having to do with the same thing together if they work, I'm also going through Pam Grout's take on A Course in Miracles and her book E-cubed.

So my posts will deal with what I've figured out about the 'I AM' Discourses as well as insights from Grout's ACIM and her challenges from E-Cubed.

I always want to blog every day, but I'm not going to count on it. Like seriously not count on it. I'm going with the flow. Today's ACIM reminder was I don't have to do anything to get my gifts. So I'm not setting myself up for guilt and failure. However, I will try to post as often as I can. Because, as an author, I can most easily understand what I'm learning by writing about it.

I'll use the tags of #IAm #ACIM and #E to coincide with the books that post happens to be about.

I have no idea if anyone will find this, but if they do... Welcome!


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