I AM Discourse 1 #IAm

So, I am working through the I AM Discourses. They are a set of 33 discourses given by Saint Germain to a Mr. & Mrs. Ballard in 1932 (or 1934, depending on where you get your copy). Saint Germain, and a few other ascended masters, appeared to Mr. & Mrs. Ballard and a few friends at their home in Chicago, IL over a period of months, teaching them the lessons to life.

Now, you may not believe in the power of I AM, and that’s okay. But I do. In August 2013, I began to study the 20th century mystic Neville Goddard’s words. I grew up with religion -yeah, that’s not helpful. Then I turned to a more positive way of thinking and while I was doing better, I still wasn’t shaping my life. I could see how I had brought in the things I did not want, but not how to bring in the things I wanted. Until Neville. His teachings helped and I am so much further on as far as how I live, but I’ve been looking for something to advance my education, something I can test and use to create a constant way of getting things done.

So on Feb 8th or 9th (I don’t remember if it was Saturday or Sunday) of this year, I happened to find a YouTube video that was over 7 hours of a reading of something called the I AM Discourses. Intrigued, I began to search around for a text copy. Found it. I’ve found that the way to find the lesson needed for me, I have to feel a connection to the work right off. And I did. I had barely read through half of the first discourse when I knew this book was for me. (You may find it doesn’t resonate with you, and that’s fine. There’s a reason there are tons of people teaching similar things. Find the ones that resonate with you.)

The book has 33 discourses given to the Ballards, et al, by Saint Germain, an ascended master. I’m not going to go into who/what an ascended master is. Google it ;). He appeared to them and taught them the importance of I AM, what it means, how to use it, and how not to. (Hint: Don’t use it negatively. Saying I am tired, I am sick, I am poor, I am broke… those are negative and will stop the flow of good things to you.)

Naming: The book calls the universal power “God”. I call it universe, god-force, and sometimes for the sheer sake of shortening it, god. But I agree with Pam Grout, author of E-Cubed, that that word carries with it way too many bad connotations. And, honestly, the power doesn’t care what you call it. It isn’t constrained by human ideals. It is simply love. (I almost hate using that word because I’ve felt Divine Love and let me tell you, the word love does not describe it in any way.)

So, as the book does, let’s dive right into the first discourse.

The reason the phrase ‘I AM’ is so important is two-fold. First off, I am making a claim and whatever I claim after those two words is my call to the universe. Second: I AM means god in action. In essence, one is putting out a command with those two words. It’s not just saying something – it’s saying EVERYTHING. If you say “I am sick” you’ve just welcomed—not just welcomed but invited—more sickness into your life. Not fun, huh? I look back to when I did a lot of that, creating sickness and scarcity and fear and lack and… well, a truly sucky life. Even having used the phrase “I am” for years, it wasn’t until I started reading this particular book that I got it. I get why I kept blocking my abundance. I get why I have been waiting for certain things. I get it. So now I need to work with the lessons in this book to bring about the life I’ve been working toward.

Quote from the 1st Discourse: When you say and feel “I AM,” you release the spring of Eternal, Everlasting Life to flow on Its way unmolested. In other words, you open wide the door to Its natural flow. When you say “I AM not,” you shut the door in the face of this Mighty Energy. ‘I AM’ is the Full Activity of God.

The discourse goes on to explain that acknowledgement of our divinity is one of the first things we do. Individually we start thinking in terms of “I am” really early. In adding a negative to these words, you call for something you do not want. 

For if you look at “I am” and “I AM”, besides the caps, there isn’t any difference. Whenever you use the words I or I AM, you are referring to the divine within you, not the outer shell of you. 

The discourse says any time I find myself saying something in I am’ness that is not what I want, that I need to instantly reverse it. I’ve found myself over the last couple days thinking “I am tired” and then instantly going “Crap!” and undoing it. Because I only want to declare the good things, not the things my ego thinks or the world thinks. 

It also tells the reader that one should not think they can get out of the results if they keep using the I AM command with negative concepts. It can’t be done. “As long as you give way to accepting false appearances, you will have them expressed in your Life and experience.”

It mentions there are mental forces at work in this world that work toward things we don’t want. But they are not more powerful than the I AM. However, they are out there, and they want us to be trodden on and depressed and sick so they can do whatever they want. 

Saint Germain goes on to say that those who misuse the mental power are binding themselves to the rack of inharmony, embodiment after embodiment. To me this says that if I don’t learn and move forward, that I am forever going to keep living the same life over and over until I get with the program and break away from the misuse of said power. No thanks. Had enough of that. I’m ready to move forward.

As with any kind of ‘change manual’ I have to make time for it. But the time required is truly miniscule. Five minutes once an hour, or fifteen minutes twice a day, or even a constant thought I have learned enough that I say it internally as often as I can. There are a ton of I AM statements in this book. I’m finding one or two that resonate on high with me. I’m trying to memorize them so I don’t have to get out my tablet to remember what they say. But it’s simple to take 5-6 minutes once an hour and mentally chant them until I feel uplifted. 

(The ego, which wants to keep us in bondage, says: “I can’t stop working for 5 minutes every hour. What will people think if they see me sitting at my desk doing nothing.” Here’s my response: The bathroom. Go in, close the stall, think my phrase for a few minutes, then go back to my desk. Simple. Easy. And it will make everything better.)

Saint Germain also mentions we need to find what we’ve done that has set up our current reality and pluck it out. There are I AM phrases suggested to do so, a couple I’m finding are very powerful for me. But don’t think you have to find every mistake you’ve ever made or every bad thought you’ve ever had. No. That’s the ego talking. Bad ego! But let’s say – oh I’ll use myself as an example – you’re living in a dark basement on the mercy of your sister because your life took a downturn and you haven’t gotten completely back up no matter how many times you try. When I start rooting through what got me here in the first place, I ask the I AM to help. And oh does the I AM help. So much whooshes in, it can be scary and embarrassing and, oh yeah, I practically went into shock the other night after a series of memories, all about the same damned thing, went through my head at the same time, after I commanded the god-force to help me root out everything that got me here and is keeping me from attaining the reality I’ve been working toward for 6.5 years. Thankfully, this book has some great I AM statements that have helped me not only get over that quickly, but is helping me to get rid of other thoughts I don’t want, the cause and effect – both past and present – that I don’t want, and otherwise clearing out what I don’t want… so there’s so much room for what I do want.

Another message in this discourse: Stop focusing on what doesn’t matter. Don’t focus on the news. Don’t focus on some illness somewhere. Don’t focus on the farce of the political system. Don’t focus on your neighbor, who said something rude to you one day and that’s all you can think about. STOP IT! Every moment you’re creating the world you live in. Use those moments to concentrate on what you want, on happiness, joy, and on all good things.

A great way to get out of doldrums or bad memories if nothing else works? Laughter. Not laughing at someone, but laughter for joy. I think I mentioned before that I’m also working through E-Cubed by Pam Grout. There are 9 challenges. I’m on the 1st. Each challenge lasts 72 hours. This challenge is all about fun, it’s getting the joy into your life, because seriously – joy is life. So one part of the challenge was to ask the god-force (she calls him the Dude, which cracks me up) for something to happen that makes us laugh in a way that we know comes from it. So I started this Friday night. Today’s Sunday. Last night, just before I went to bed, I did what I always do – drink 5 oz of Cranberry juice. Yes, I like it. Anyway, I walked over to my desk to toss the red cup in my garbage can. I had just cleaned it out, so all that was in it was the liner. I tossed the cup into said—EMPTY—garbage can. It hit nothing but air and bounced back out, bounced to one side, bounced to the other and then settled on its base without a rattle as though to say “ta-da!” I burst out laughing. I’m still grinning at the memory as I write this.

There is a lot of repetition (because people need to hear it) to not let my thoughts focus on what I don’t want. If I focus on said things, they will grow in my sight. I don’t want that. So as soon as I notice my mind is thinking or focusing on things I don’t want, I turn my attention to something else. And I found a great I AM statement that helps with that. 

If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction at all, you know the basics. Through Neville, I got a little clearer in bringing my thoughts into reality. But I was oft confused as to the nature of things. For instance, so many metaphysics teachers say “You ask once and then forget it.” Neville said that all realities exist and that you cannot imagine it unless the possibility exists. So he said you ask once and then mentally repeat a small scene that says you received what you asked for over and over until you received it. This 1st discourse gave me a clearer concept of what does what. 

“When a constructive picture is flashed to your mind, it is a reality. When you recall it as a mental picture and hold it again, it calls forth the reality.” I get it now. 

Again, Saint Germain cautions, ignore the outer self. The ego thinks it knows everything and is there to protect me, but it doesn’t. So it is up to me to call on the I AM Presence to help protect me from said ego.

This discourse had so much in it. It's amazing to think how much is packed into such a small discourse. Once I get through the I AM Discourses the first time, I think I'll lengthen my study to a week per discourse instead of a day.


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