What most people don't understand about metaphysics and religion #IAm #ACIME

My mother had a ton of books by Dr. Wayne Dyer on her bedside table for the last twenty years of her life. I think she'd read two or three of them. She did what the majority of people do. She saw Dyer as a guru, a god, as someone who would never steer her wrong. She bought into the hype, rather than into the truth.

Now don't get me wrong. Dyer had a lot of good ideas. But guess what? NEVER fall for the guru. Never. There's a reason there are a million religions, self-help books, and metaphysics teachers. Because nobody hears the same thing the same way. Plus, one should never decide that one or the other is the end-all of existence and has all the answers. Mainly because they don't.

When you find a new teacher whose words connect with you, what do you do? Read and devour what they said, most likely, without truly testing their words out. Becuase that's what everyone should be doing. If they say X is true, then test out X for you. IF it works, great! If it doesn'…

I AM Discourse 1 #IAm

So, I am working through the I AM Discourses. They are a set of 33 discourses given by Saint Germain to a Mr. & Mrs. Ballard in 1932 (or 1934, depending on where you get your copy). Saint Germain, and a few other ascended masters, appeared to Mr. & Mrs. Ballard and a few friends at their home in Chicago, IL over a period of months, teaching them the lessons to life.

Now, you may not believe in the power of I AM, and that’s okay. But I do. In August 2013, I began to study the 20th century mystic Neville Goddard’s words. I grew up with religion -yeah, that’s not helpful. Then I turned to a more positive way of thinking and while I was doing better, I still wasn’t shaping my life. I could see how I had brought in the things I did not want, but not how to bring in the things I wanted. Until Neville. His teachings helped and I am so much further on as far as how I live, but I’ve been looking for something to advance my education, something I can test and use to create a constant wa…

How do I not know how to Skip? The incongruities of fun. #E #IAm

I'm starting with the first challenge in Pam Grout's E-Cubed book because... how did I forget how to Skip?

If you have never heard of E-cubed, it's a metaphysics book by Pan Grout based on teachings from A Course in Miracles. The first 6 chapters were more of an "I TAKE UP SPACE" section as I had heard the stories before. Finally, though, Chapter 7 starts the challenges she suggests you take to prove the lessons in A Course in Miracles work.

To say this challenge was a surprise in many ways would be putting it mildly. The lesson is to have FUN. Sounds simple, right? Well, not when you've been told all your life from the time you were a child that you don't know how to have fun.

That's really rude. To be told often that I'm not fun. When I was a kid, it was a bullying tactic, a way to try to make me conform. Since I spent most of my time hiding from the world to try not not get hit, it just pushed me further into my shell. As an adult, it was also…

Who am I? And what are the 'I AM' Discourses?

First off... a huge hello. Before I go into my study of the I AM Discourses, I thought I'd tell you a little about me and why I'm doing this.

First off, call me Thia or T, either works. I'm an author, metaphysics student, shorter than the average person, and constantly inquisitive. I'm quiet and muse on my own most of the time. I used to self-identify as tri-gender, but I've realized that's too narrow of a classification as all labels are. I'm me, simple as that.

So what are the I AM Discourses? I found them last weekend. In 1934, Saint Germain appeared to a Mr. Ballard and gave him and a few others lessons in the power of the I AM statement.

What is the I AM Statement? Well, that's a question one could pose over for ever and ever. I learned of the importance of I AM through reading and listening to the 20th century mystic Neville Goddard. As he explained, when you use the words 'I am' you create your own life, your own reality. He called god th…